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Latest Fitness Equipment Products
Our current range includes a large selection of heart rate monitors, gps systems, and monitoring watches. The Timex Bodylink system has become our top-selling device and represents the ultimate in monitoring your fitness. If you're looking for functional, great-value heart rate monitors, check our our Timex heart rate monitor range
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Timex Pedometer Digital - T5E001
Save: £1.00!
HOT PICK! Great little pedometer with some neat features. Tracks distance in miles/km, steps and easy to read
Omni Ball Massager
The Omni Massage Roller is an utter joy to use, and simply heaven on aching muscles. Its unique design makes it the most flexible rolling massager on the market
USB Massage Ball - Blue
The USB Massage Ball is one of those fantastic ideas that will probably have you thinking "Why didn't I think of that?"! It will definitely have you thinking "I need one now!"
Timex Pedometer - T5E011
Save: £1.00!
Timex Pedometer counts steps and distance and calculates calorie usage. Distance in metric or miles
Stretching With Quality Handbook
A 60 page book written by a Physiotherapist and a Physical Education Instructor showing 49 different stretches
Calorie Counter - Tanita Calorie Jump
Save: £1.00!
Effectively raising the cardio?vascular rate and burning off excess body fat while counting calories burned.
Timex Pedometer - T5E021
Save: £1.00!
Useful for jogging and easy running - can be used not only for body fat / calorie burning but also to get the pace right to develop an aerobic fitness.
Digiband Elastic Bands
Save: £6.00!
Elastic resistance bands have been used in therapy, sport and in daily fitness training for almost 20 years. This practical sports instrument has now been developed further.
See Yourself Slimmer Photo
We've teamed up with to offer a great new motivational tool for losing weight
Wobble Cushion
Save: £4.00!
For posture training. Inflatable and adjustable to suit individual. Ideal for balance posture and massage
Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitor HR102
Save: £7.00!
Entry level heart rate monitor from Oregon Scientific with some great features - training zones, stopwatch, backlight and more!
Gymnic Exercise Ball
Save: £6.00!
The long-standing choice of fitness instructors and physical therapists. Comes with free pump of swiss ball exercise guide
Neon Powerball - Glowing Power Ball
Powerball is a dynamic and completely revolutionary new gyroscope that literally explodes with mind numbing torque and inertia once you activate its internal rotor.
Timex Heart Rate Transmitter Strap - Analog
Save: £5.00!
Timex Replacement Heart Rate Strap - Analog transmission ideal for use in the gym or as a replacement heart rate strap
USN Gluta Cell
Save: £5.00!
Potent muscle building amino-acid formulation that repairs muscle tissue & prevents muscle breakdown
Timex Marathon Stopwatch T5G811 - 50 Lap Memory
Save: £5.00!
A great stopwatch from Timex featuring 50 lap memory recall, indigo backlight, countdown timer and more!
Timex Marathon 27 Lap T5E291
Save: £2.00!
Marathon backs up great features with unbeatable prices in an easy to use interface. 27-lap memory chrono, 100-hour chronograph with 1/100th resolution & more!
Sci-MX Xedra Cut SF
Save: £3.00!
Sci-MX Xedra Cut SF is a brand new fat burner. Also helps with appetite control and controls sugar cravings
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