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oregon scientific heart rate monitors

Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitors
Optimize your exercise program, lose weight or protect your health with our Oregon Scientific Heart Rate monitors. Accurate and comfortable, these Heart Rate Monitors come with some great features at very affordable prices
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Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitor HR102
Save: £7.00!
Entry level heart rate monitor from Oregon Scientific with some great features - training zones, stopwatch, backlight and more!
Oregon Scientific Smart Trainer Heart Rate Monitor
Save: £2.00!
Perfect for the person trying to keep a high level of fitness. This watch records heart rate information and can be set to alarm you when your out of your training zone.
Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitor SE211
Save: £15.00!
Great value Heart Rate Monitor with the new innovative, vibrating heart zone alarm feature
Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitor SE212
Save: £6.00!
An excellent mid-size Heart Rate Monitor and stopwatch with a new, innovative, vibrating heart zone alarm feature
Oregon Scientific Outbreaker Fitness RS109
Save: £20.00!
The Oregon Scientific RS 109 Outbreaker Fitness is a multifunctional watch combining an altimeter, barometer and heart rate monitor
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