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PowerLung BreatheAir - PowerLung

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PowerLung BreatheAir - PowerLung

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PowerLung BreatheAir - PowerLung

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PowerLung BreatheAir
Product Summary
This model provides a light respiratory strength training workout at a low level of resistance. The PowerLung BreatheAir offers users the capability to begin low resistance strength training for their breathing muscles.

BreatheAir users are usually people who are at opposite ends of the age spectrum. They may also be people whose breathing muscles have lost strength.
Do you enjoy exercising, walking, working in the yard or doing jobs around the house, but it just seems to take the wind out of you and leave you breathless quickly? Do you feel breathless from climbing stairs? Do you want to start or re-start an exercise program but feel prevented because it always seems so hard to breathe?

Have you just joined the band or choir at school or church? Are you trying out for sports, cheerleading or pep squad? Are you taking debate, public speaking or acting classes? Are you tried of everyone telling you to breathe deeper and use your diaphragm but you don't know how?

If you answered yes to any of these question, then the PowerLung BreatheAir may be just the way for you to get started. Many users tell us that after about 5 days of daily PowerLung use, they can feel the difference. They are breathing deeper, stronger and are less breathless. Users tell us they have begun to exercise more regularly and really enjoy it. Younger users find greater proficiency in breath control for singing or band playing and practices. Young athletes and sport persons report faster results and get more from their training.

As you can see, anyone of any age or level of activity can benefit from beginning respiratory training with the PowerLung BreatheAir.

Studies show athletes using the PowerLung have been able to:

  • inhale and exhale over 25% more air per breath*
  • increase exhalation forces by over 15%*
  • perform 85% submax exercise with almost 2 fewer breaths per minute*
    *Source: Dupler & Amonette
The PowerLung? BreatheAir? includes
  • The PowerLung? BreatheAir? model
  • CD-ROM with Video Training*
  • User Guide
  • Convenient Carrying Case
  • PowerLung? Washe
PowerLung BreatheAir
If you require more information about the PowerLung BreatheAir - PowerLung, please feel free to get in touch here
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