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Omni Ball Massager

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Omni Ball Massager

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Omni Ball Massager

Price: £9.95
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A massage can grab you the sort of brownie points from your partner that are usually reserved for sports cars for Christmas and the like. You do, however, have to endure hand and finger cramps that would make Ranulph Fiennes think twice.

Still, there's always the miracle of the refreshingly simple Omniball massager. Take one revolving ball, insert into an ergonomically moulded grip and leave to massage for half an hour.

By the end of your session, you'll feel fresh as a daisy and your subject will be prepared to carry out your every whim. Surely worth half an hour's toil. Bag two of them and launch a two-pronged assault on the backs of your subject, ironing out stress and pain as you go. They'll thank you for it in the end.

World domination take your fancy? Then why not massage your way to omnipotence. It's altogether more soothing than using guns and missiles and yet will have your foes reduced to quivering wrecks in your wake. 'You dare to defy me? Bring me the massage oils...'

Product colour may vary to that pictured.

Main Features:

  • Comfortable to grip and easy to use
  • Reduces stress to and fatigue on fingers
  • Use over clothing or on bare skin
  • Use with lotions and oils - cleans easily
  • Durable construction
If you require more information about the Omni Ball Massager, please feel free to get in touch here
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