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by Jennifer Lee Fitness Articles
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Timex OVA Review
If I had more free time, I would study the evolution of the running watch; I find it fascinating that running watches just keep getting more comfortable and practical. A lot has changed about running watches since I took up the sport ten years ago. My first running watch was pretty advanced for its time. It had a timer and its memory could handle a few laps. It also came equipped with an all new Indiglo backlight. I couldn’t imagine that my watch’s “tried and true” design could be improved upon. It turns out I was very wrong, and the major sports apparel companies have since made many advancements in their watch designs.

A few years ago, Nike came out with an ergonomically designed running watch. Its face was angled so that the left side was slightly higher than the left. The face design let a runner wearing the watch look at the face without having to distort his or her neck or arm movement too much. Most of us keep our arms parallel to our bodies when we run, so find it more convenient to our running form to wear a watch that is slighty angled in favor of our forward facing line of sight. Any extra movements while running (such as tilting one’s head to the side, and bending one’s arm) waste energy that should instead be spent on the run.

Though it’s a good idea, I’ve found a major flaw with the tilted watch face design; it’s useless for left handed people. The watch face is angled in such a way that it can not logically be worn on the right wrist. My left handed friends feel slighted by Nike for this reason. Another problem with the watch face design is that it doesn’t eliminate all awkward arm bending. To see the time while you’re running, you still have to bend your elbow a little bit.

The award for the most unique new watch design has to go to Timex’s new “O.V.A. Series”. “O.V.A.” stands for “Optimal Viewing Angle”, and refers to the watch face’s positioning being on the side, rather than the usual top, of the wrist. This allows the wearer to maintain stride completely while checking the run’s time. Its design makes it perfect for both right- and left-handed runners.

When I first heard about this watch, I doubted that it would be comfortable. However, it turned out to be hardly noticeable the first time I wore it. Its face curve is such that it fits well on the natural contours of the wrist. Also, its rubber wrist strap is soft and extremely bendable. To account for smaller wrists, the watch comes in a “midsize” variety. The watch fits much like a bracelet, and was very well designed.

As for its features, the O.V.A. Watch has everything necessary for a great workout. It has a 75-Lap memory, and lets me know the time of my best and average laps after each workout. Its “two interval timer” allows me to set alternating countdown timers; this is useful for interval or “fartlek” (changing pace) workouts, in which my recovery time is a different duration than that of each interval. One feature I really like in this watch is the location of the start/lap button. It’s conveniently located directly above the watch face, and so is easy to press at each interval.

Overall, I have to say the Timex OVA is a great little watch with some great features.

To view the Timex OVA fullsize click here, or click here to view the Timex OVA midsize
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