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What's the fuss about low-carb diets? Your Basket is Empty
by Cath Shamar Fitness Articles
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What's the fuss about low-carb diets?
Diet books outsell almost every other subject area both on the internet and in the book stores. Our life styles in the twenty first century don't allow us to consume the calories that our bodies tell us we need and many of us therefore are permanently on diets and find our weight yo-yoing backwards and forwards.

Back in the 1970s a Dr Atkins put forward a radical new idea which came across a brick wall in the diet and medical world. Instead of eating a diet that consisted predominantly of carbohydrates he suggested that if we ate a diet consisting almost entirely of proteins and fats we would lose weight. Despite all the negative comments, his diet has been proved to be highly effective and stores are now stocking low carb snacks because there is such a huge change going on in our eating habits.

Even though we have more people being diagnosed with diabetes than ever before we still don't link the intake of sugar and refined arbohydrates like pasta, cereal and bread to the production of insulin. It's a simple fact that when your body has too much insulin it converts food to fat.

Our bodies work on their own and out of our control. They still tend to worry that they won't be given another meal and so they store carbs away without our permission. And where are these carbs stored? Always where you don't want them to be stored and in most cases on the stomach or the hips!

So, what do we do? Most people look at all the advertising around and decide to go for the 'low fat' alternatives which look fantastic. Unfortunately they're high in sugar and increase our insulin levels and therefore our fat.

What you need is a diet that can make a real impact on your weight. But first you need to really convince yourself that you want to lose weight. So many people moan about their bodies but don't have the determination and the will power to do anything about it. Once you've made a commitment to lose weight you need to find out what are the good foods and what are the bad ones. The good ones are those that will convert to energy rather than fat and you'll find these are mostly vegetables, eggs, nuts, cheese, meat and legumes.

When you've made the decision to start your low carb diet you need to commit to an induction of a minimum of two weeks during which you have to keep your carb intake lower than twenty grams per day. During this time your body learns to burn fat rather than carbs and will have forgotten its need to hoard the carbs when you do start to consume them again.

Once your induction is over you can have the occasional cheat. This can really help to kick start your body if you've reached a plateau. The thing you should try to stay away from at all costs is processed sugar.

Make sure that you consume fiber. By drinking psyllium husk you can help to flush out much of the stuff that can hang around making your body unhealthy and fat. Water will also help to flush out some of the carbohydrates and will stop you from feeling hungry. When you do need a snack, try to be prepared. Take some raw veg to work to nibble on or buy some healthy low carb snacks.
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