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Women - Top 10 Reasons to Weight Train Your Basket is Empty
by Kim Droze Fitness Articles
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Women - Top 10 Reasons to Weight Train
1. You firm your entire body and get in better shape than youíve ever been! You actually reshape your body. You make it firm. You make it nice to the touch. Weíre talking about feminine toning, not an outrageous Arnold-like physique.
2. You increase your metabolism so you can eat more without putting on weight or hampering your weight loss ! In 12 weeks of doing her workout, Vedral says your metabolism will increase by at least 15 percent. This means even when youíre sleeping youíre burning 15% more fat than you used to burn.
3. You build bone! Itís been proven that the only way to increase bone density through exercise is to do weight-bearing exercises. It takes nine months to see a significant increase in bone density, but it only takes three-and-a-half weeks to go down a clothes size.
4. You smooth out cellulite! While many experts say you canít get rid of cellulite, Vedral maintains thatís one of the biggest lies ever told. When you work out with weights, you build sleek muscle under the skin and that helps smooth out the cellulite area. It helps if you follow a balanced meal plan .
5. You go down dress sizes... fast! Muscle takes up less space than fat. As you build muscle, you lose fat. Even though the scale might not show any drop in pounds, youíre probably dropping clothing sizes. Eventually, the scale will go down too.
6. Increased strength! You donít know what youíve got until you get it. Strength is a very valuable asset to have. You donít have to wait for a man to come around and help you open that jar, lift that box or move that piece of furniture.
7. Increased energy! Muscle is active. It gives you energy. Youíre not tired anymore. You can do things. It makes you feel youthful because you can do more.
8. Improved posture! It gets your entire body aligned. Youíll start moving in the right way because your posture improves. You'll look taller and you'll exude more positive energy.
9. Greatly reduced stress! Itís impossible to stay depressed when you workout with weights. After a few minutes, you feel empowered. Endorphins kick in. Youíll get an instant attitude adjustment. You begin to see things in a more positive light.
10. It gives you "the training effect"! The training effect carries over into everything else you do. When you work out with weights, after a few weeks youíll find yourself approaching things with more confidence.
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