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  • World?s strongest gakic* formulation!
  • Experience powerful, explosive repetitions
  • Massive and immediate strength increases
  • No more frustrating strength plateau?s
  • Advanced muscle fatigue delay
  • 12 powerful grams of gakic* per serving
  • With USN?s unique Nano Delivery Tech TM
  • Combine with USN?s Leutec TM for best results
Typically Used By:
  • Strength athletes, bodybuilders, weight-lifters
  • Power athletes such as rugby players, wrestlers, field event athletes, boxers etc
  • Endurance athletes wanting to build muscle or increase strength (Tri-athletes, cyclists, swimmers)
  • Anyone wanting to gain muscle, recover better from workouts, or improve sports performance
  • Anyone engaging in strenuous physical activity, wanting to enhance muscle growth and recovery
  • Anyone wanting to gain muscle weight, ?bulk-up? or improve all-round sports performance
Active Ingredients per 6 Capsule Daily Serving:
  • GAKtec? gakic (Glycine-l-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic acid calcium) ? 12100mg
  • Bioperine ? 6mg
Full Ingredient Listing: L-arginine Hcl, alpha keto-isocaproic acid calcium, glycine, bioperine, di-calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, hydroxypropyl cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, silicone dioxide, sucralose, colour blue E133
Pack sizes:
  • 128 capsules
Recommended Use:
Take one serving (8 caplets) approximately 45 minutes before a workout. This product is effective before and during workouts only. Do not use on rest days. This bottle provides a one month supply for the average person training four times per week. Do not exceed the daily intake (8 caplets). Users may find that their ability to lift heavier weights occurs from the very first serving.

As a precaution, we recommend that a sensible warm up and stretching regime is followed prior to training with weights. Due to the increase of training intensity, we also recommend that a recovery product like USN?s Rapid Recovery Complex and L/glutamine or Glutacell is consumed as soon as possible after workouts. Have at least 8 hours of sleep per night, especially on training days.
More about GAKtec:
USN?s new GAKtec? is the most powerful and effective gakic* formulation known. All active ingredients have been micro-refined for rapid absorption and USN?s unique Nano Delivery Tech? has also been added, increasing absorption and retention by up to four times

GAKtec? is a breakthrough supplement that has been precisely formulated for maximum effect and is proven to dramatically increase muscle power output by over 10%, maximise training intensity and delay the onset of muscle fatigue. Supplementing with GAKtec? has been shown to result in explosive repetitions and prevent muscle failure during intensive workouts

The benefits of using this product do not only occur during weight training and power events, but also include endurance activities such as athletics, triathlon, rugby, football, motocross, cycling and combat sports where explosive bursts of power are required.

*Glycine-l-arginine-alpha-ketoisocaproic acid calcium.

Do not exceed the maximum daily intake (8 caplets)
Keep out of reach of young children
Supplements should not replace a varied diet
Use on training days only
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If you require more information about the USN GAKtec, please feel free to get in touch here
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