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timex gps speed & distance

Timex Bodylink and Timex Bodylink GPS
Test Drive the Timex GPS!
Timex GPS Watches use a network of global positioning satellites to precisely track how far and how fast you are running, biking, rowing or skiing. Anytime. Anywhere in the world.

The Timex GPS System calculates your pace, average pace and best pace, tracks your workout distance, and also functions as a continuous odometer.
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Timex Data Recorder 2 T5G751
Save: £7.00!
The new Timex Data Recorder with 3D GPS navigational mapping, heart rate monitoring, speed & distance and more! Ideal for use with the Timex Trail Runner
Timex Navman 3D GPS Sensor T5F891
Save: £3.00!
New Timex Navman II GPS Receiver suitable for use with any of the existing Timex Speed and Distance systems
Timex Speed and Distance System 100 Lap - T5E691
Save: £10.01!
Timex T5E691 watch harnesses the power of a network of global positioning satellites to precisely track how far and fast you are running, biking, rowing or skiing
Timex Bodylink Plus with Heart Rate and Speed Distance & Data Recorder 2 - T5F011
Save: £30.00!
HOT PICK! Top of the range heart rate monitor which offers you speed and distance information 'real-time' allowing you to to be fully in control of your training at all times.
Timex Bodylink Trail Runner T5J985
Save: £35.00!
HOT PICK! The Timex Trail Runner includes all the Bodylink features plus 3D GPS, mapping features, Predictive Finish time mode, & the ability to display heart rate %
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