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Timex Bodylink - Timex Bodylink GPS
With options to combine a full sports watch, digital heart rate monitor & satellite tracking GPS technology, the Timex Bodylink system is a winner for those wanting a virtual coach to maximise their workouts.

Timex has the training system right for you! Timex Bodylink will help you: improve your fitness, lose weight, burn fat, increase stamina, build aerobic base, and achieve peak performance
NEW! Timex Bodylink Trail Runner: Features include
  • 100-hour chronograph with lap/split
  • 100-lap memory with recall of speed, pace, heart rate
  • Heart Rate Display in %-of-Max Format
  • Enhanced 3D GPS Functionality to Provide Latitude, Longitude and Altitude.
  • New Predictive Finish Time Mode uses Total Event Distance and Pace Data.
  • Navigation to Waypoint Mode.
Timex Data Recorder 2 T5G751
Save: £7.00!
The new Timex Data Recorder with 3D GPS navigational mapping, heart rate monitoring, speed & distance and more! Ideal for use with the Timex Trail Runner
Timex Bodylink Heart Rate Monitor T59571
Save: £21.00!
Great entry level devices to the Timex Bodylink Range - includes Timex Ironman Triathlon Bodylink Performance Monitor & heart rate transmitter
Timex Navman 3D GPS Sensor T5F891
Save: £2.00!
New Timex Navman II GPS Receiver suitable for use with any of the existing Timex Speed and Distance systems
Timex Bodylink GPS Speed, Distance & Heart Rate Monitor T5E671
Save: £67.00!
HOT PICK! Timex Bodylink T5E671 - Includes Timex Ironman Triathlon Bodylink Performance Monitor, Speed & Distance Sensor, & Digital Heart Rate Sensor
Timex Bodylink Mid Size System T5G311
Save: £25.00!
Following the great success of the Timex Bodylink system giving you the ultimate training partner comes the Mid size Timex Bodylink specifically designed for a smaller wrists
Timex Bodylink Plus with Heart Rate and Speed Distance & Data Recorder 2 - T5F011
Save: £30.00!
HOT PICK! Top of the range heart rate monitor which offers you speed and distance information 'real-time' allowing you to to be fully in control of your training at all times.
Timex Bodylink Trail Runner T5J985
Save: £35.00!
HOT PICK! The Timex Trail Runner includes all the Bodylink features plus 3D GPS, mapping features, Predictive Finish time mode, & the ability to display heart rate %
Timex Trail Runner & Timex Data Recorder 2
Save: £34.99!
HOT PICK! This package combines the new Timex Trail Runner and the new Timex Data Recorder 2 T5G751 to provide the ultimate training system
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