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The Importance of Protein
Protein is a vital nutrient that your body needs every day and any form of training will increase your protein requirements. A lack of quality protein will result in loss of muscle tissue and tone, a weaker immune system, slower recovery and lack of energy.

If you're aiming to put on muscle or just tone up, sufficient protein levels are crucial. You can use our online tool here to calculate your daily requirements depending on your goal.
Sci-MX ProteinPlex - 20 sachets
Save: £3.00!
Sci-MX ProteinPlex promotes lean muscle gains, high in muscle repairing glutamine, a low carb meal replacement, and is delicious, thick and creamy
Sci-MX 100 % Whey Protein - 2.28KG
Save: £2.00!
HOT PICK! Voted Britain's best whey protein. Sci-MX Whey accelerates lean muscle growth & is rapidly absorbed. Comes in 3 great tasting flavours
Sci-MX Pure Protein - 2.28KG
Save: £4.00!
Sci-MX Pure Protein enhances lean muscle growth, is high in muscle repairing amino acids, has a gradual release formula, and virtually carb free
Sci-MX Lean Grow MRF - 5KG
Save: £4.00!
HOT PICK! Gain lean muscle with Sci-MX Lean Grow. High protein meal replacement, rich in amino acids, body fat reducing essential fatty acids. Rich, creamy and delicious
Sci-MX Mass System - 5KG
Save: £3.00!
Pack on muscle mass fast with Sci-MX Mass System. Ideal for hard gainers. High calorie bulking fuel and comes in 3 delicious, creamy flavours.
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