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navman sports tools

Navman Sport GPS Monitors - the modern performance measuring device

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Navman Sport Tool is a new lifestyle watch monitor based on state-of-the-art GPS satellite technology. Thanks to the Navman GPS Sport Tool's unique integrated display, sport enthusiasts everywhere have all the in-formation they need - literally at their fingertips.

The Navman 300 series all use GPS which means they can measure speed for ALL disciplines including skiing, sailing, running cycling, anything that moves with clear view of the sky. Why choose Navman Speed and Distance units?
  • Training is easier and more effective
  • Navman Sport.Tools are ideal for friends who like to compare performances
  • All the versions are optimized for a specific sport
  • They give ultra-precise data via state-of-the-art GPS satellite technology
  • They are simple to use, the readings easy to take
  • They boost motivation and make the training program more fun
  • Top satellite reception / upper-arm wearing comfort
  • Cool design and a range of optional covers
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