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breath Trainers

These breath trainers offer a revolutionary way to teach yourself to breathe deeper and stronger and ultimately improve your fitness. PowerLung is the first and only dual-action respiratory training system in the world - training all of the muscle groups involved in breathing for greater strength and endurance. PowerLung offers the most efficient and comprehensive way yet devised to strength train the muscles that help us breathe.
PowerLung BreatheAir - PowerLung
PowerLung BreatheAir - PowerLung
Save: £11.00!
This model provides a light respiratory strength training workout at a low level of resistance
PowerLung Trainer - PowerLung
PowerLung Trainer - PowerLung
Save: £10.00!
This model provides an intermediate respiratory strength training workout at a medium level of resistance.
PowerLung Sport - PowerLung
PowerLung Sport - PowerLung
Save: £15.00!
PowerLung Sport is ideal for senior athletes, used to improve breathing efficiency. Great effectiveness for cyclists also
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