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Timex Ironman 200 Lap Sleek Triathlon T54682

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Timex Ironman 200 Lap Sleek Triathlon T54682

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The Ironman Triathlon is a favorite of athletes for recording lap times. When using our chronograph— stopwatch—the press of a button will mark an interval of time. If you want to time how long it takes to run a leg of a marathon, swim a length of a pool, or bike to the next telephone pole, you would record a "lap.

The chronograph continues to run, allowing you to mark and instantly view up to 99 laps. Depending on the watch you own, you may review your times for the last 8, 50 or 100 laps

Timex Ironman Sleek Triathlon 200 Mega Lap Features:

  • Full size - Black and grey resin case with silver top plate/black and green resin strap
  • INDIGLO night-light w/NIGHT-Mode Feature
  • Water resistant to 100 metres
  • All-day-white reflector display
  • Oversized display with high contrast LCD
  • Built-in setting reminders
  • Button beep
Chronograph functions
  • 100 hour chronograph with 1/100 second resolution
  • 200 lap memory/200 split memory/200 workout memory
  • Training log with best lap, average lap, weekly, total segment time with date and weekly totals
  • Selectable deletion of stored workouts
  • Lap/split or split/lap display option
  • Total run time chrono format
  • 199 lap counter, counts up or down
  • Synchronized timer links to chrono or timer
Timer and Alarm Functions
  • 10 countdown timers settable up to 24 hours with 3 modes (stop, repeat and auto-start chrono)
  • 10 customisable preset countdown times
  • 10 interval timers with 3 modes (stop, repeat and auto-start chrono) - The 'Interval Training' technique (or High-Intensity Training [HIT]) has gained in popularity as one of the most effective fat burning forms of exercises. Not only is it very effective for this fat loss capability but it also can dramitically improve your cardiovascular capabilities. Read our Interval Training Article here
  • 199 rep counter
  • Halfway reminder mode
  • 10 alarms (daily/weekday/weekend/one-day/weekly/monthly/yearly) with 5 minute back up and 10 minute snooze
  • Flashing INDIGLO night-light alert for all alarms
  • Alarms can be linked to 35 character memo/note
  • 10 appointments (daily/weekday/weekend/one-day/weekly/monthly/yearly)
  • Appointment can be linked to 35 character memo/note
  • Foreign characters
  • Advanced appointment notification
  • Option to peek to next appointment
  • Icon to indicate appointment within 3 days
  • 3 time zones with date/3 character name setting for time zone
  • 12/24 hour time
  • Month/day/date/year, mm/dd/yy, dd/mm/yy, yy/mm/dd display option
  • Calculated weekday or week
  • Leap year smart
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