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SiS REGO Recovery - Science in Sport - Strawberry 500g

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SiS REGO Recovery - Science in Sport - Strawberry 500g

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SiS REGO Recovery - Science in Sport - Strawberry 500g

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REGO Recovery. . . . . . . . . . adapt - improve - progress

First for Recovery

REGO Recovery has been designed to provide rapidly absorbed protein and carbohydrate, together with a structured dose of vitamins and minerals, to help rapidly rebuild and repair muscles. Simply add up to 1 litre of water to 100g of REGO Recovery.

Rego - the Re-Energising energy Fuel with micro-nutrients to improve recovery and boost adaptation to exercise.

REGO combines a special mix of complex carbohydrates, fructose and protein, which has been shown to give a rapid improvement in recovery from hard exercise. REGO is the ideal post exercise drink and is especially useful after hard training sessions. REGO was inspired by Chris Boardman who had experimented mixing our carbohydrate energy drink (PSP22) with protein powder. REGO has been used by him, and many other top athletes and sportsmen since its launch in 1995.

Available in banana, chocolate, strawberry and NEW Vanilla flavours.

New REGO variants now available as the PKS System!

Introducing the worlds first integrated protein system, which utilizes the absorption characteristics of different proteins in order to maximize training gains.

Typical Ingredients

Maltodextrin (produced by partial hydrolysis of a special variety of maize, 98% glucose polymers), Soya Protein Isolate, Fructose, Vitamins and Minerals, Xanthan, Lecithin, Natural Flavour and Colouring, Aspartame.

Typical Values per 100g serving

Energy 1423kj/314kcal, Carbohydrate 55g, Protein 27g, Fat trace, Vitamin A 27ug, B1 1.4mg,B2 1.6mg, B3 18mg, B5 6mg, B6 1.8mg, B12 2ug, C 55mg, D 3ug, E 6.4mg, K 30ug, Bioflavenoids 5.5mg, Folic Acid 270ug, Biotin140ug, sodium 578mg, chloride 458mg, calcium 1091mg, magnesium 364mg, zinc 14mg, potassium 223mg, chromium180ug, iron14mg, selenium 20ug, molybdenum 20ug, phosphorous 244 mg, manganese 2.7mg, copper 450ug, iodine 50mg, flourine450ug.

Science in Sport is continually striving to innovate and improve products to assist all athletes to reach their goals and maintain its position as leaders in sports nutrition.

All Science in Sport products are manufactured in-house and are drug-free.

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SiS REGO Recovery - Science in Sport - Strawberry 500g
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