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Rocket Shower Jet Pack Flight - Shower in a Bottle Body Cleaner Your Basket is Empty

Rocket Shower Jet Pack Flight - Shower in a Bottle Body Cleaner

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Rocket Shower Jet Pack Flight - Shower in a Bottle Body Cleaner

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Rocket Shower - Spray body cleaner/cleanser - Jet Pack Flight

Get Clean When You Can’t Shower

For Bike Commuters, Sport, Camping, Music Festivals and Travelling

A shower in a bottle! Airline size approved travel toiletries

Rocket Shower - Showerless Personal Hygiene

Do you Fly/Travel frequently, Cycle to work, Commute on the underground, take part in Outdoor Sports like Trekking or Mountain Biking or want to do Excercise during your lunch break but there’s no shower at work?  Rocket Shower may be just what you are looking for.

People sweat. And they often do it when there?s no shower around, or time to take one.  Rocket Shower is a spray body cleaner that makes it convenient to get yourself clean in just about any situation–while travelling, working out during your lunch hour, riding a bicycle to work or if you’re just short on time. It’s also great if you’ve got kids that get covered in all sorts of things on the beach when you’re on holiday.

Rocket Shower - Spray It On, Wipe It Off

Rocket Shower cleans your skin with a formula of witch hazel, alcohol and water that carries away the sweat, cools the skin and prevents bacteria from causing body odour.  It works well on all parts of the body, although the more robust parts of the body may need an extra pump or two and it works best when the body is still sweaty.

Rocket Shower works by itself without having to use water.  The only place it doesn’t wash is your hair.  The manufacturers are currently working on a showerless product for washing your hair as well.  In the interim, the Micronet absorbant towel works really well in drying your hair.

How Rocket Shower was Developed

Developed by 10 Nine 8, a company started in Austin, Texas, Rocket Shower includes witch hazel, a small amount of alcohol, citrus, mint and vitamin E.  Delivered via pump sprayer, it cleans by helping evaporate sweat quickly and killing the bacteria that cause body odour.  Peppermint and grapefruit oils cool the skin and lend a fresh, clean fragrance.

Rocket Shower was formulated to effectively clean the body without additional water, making it easy for sweaty people in any situation to clean up quickly and conveniently.

Linda DuPriest, a respected and accomplished Mountain Bike Rider in America developed Rocket Shower initially for her own use while cycling daily to an office with no shower facilities.  Knowing that post-ride clean-up was an obstacle for many people who cycled to work or exercised during lunch hour, Linda saw the opportunity to bring this new product to market.   Rocket Shower is helping many Americans deal with record-high petrol prices by removing the personal hygiene obstacle from human-powered transportation.  And it’s doing it better than any other method.  As petrol prices are steadily rising in the UK and we are actively encouraged to get on our bikes this product may enter the cycling market just at the right time.

Rocket Shower is available as follows:

  • 250ml Trigger Spray 
  • 250ml Regular Spray 
  • 120ml Portable Spray
  • 60ml Airplane Shower (Within current security 100ml limit for liquids carried onboard within hand luggage)

Jet Pack - Available in 3 styles (Includes: Rocket Shower, MicroNet Towel, Mini Washcloth, Instructions and a mesh bag to carry it all in)

  • Jet Pack Base - 250ml Rocket Shower Trigger Spray, Mesh Drawstring Bag, For leaving inthe car, desk draw, Gym Bag, etc.
  • Jet Pack Flight - 120ml Rocket Shower, Waterproof Zipper Pouch prevents seepage of dampness in your luggage, Mesh ventilating pockets on outside for drying towel and washcloth.  For carrying on bicycle or in airline hold luggage.
  • Jet Pack Airplane - Same as flight but with a 60ml Rocket Shower.  Ideal for putting in your airline hand luggage.
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If you require more information about the Rocket Shower Jet Pack Flight - Shower in a Bottle Body Cleaner, please feel free to get in touch here
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