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Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor for Men - Red Fire - 2008 Model

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Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor for Men - Red Fire - 2008 Model

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Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor for Men - Red Fire - 2008 Model

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Comes complete with heart rate monitor transmitter and strap.

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Polar F6 (F6M) Heart Rate Monitor - Red Fire - 2008 Model 

The Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor has all of the essential functions required by the fitness enthusiast who wants to train in "zones" maximising their training. With the same functionality as the Polar F5, plus "crosstalk coding", percentage of fat burn calories, an exercise diary and automatic training zone calculation.

It uses Polar's OwnZone feature to automatically calculate your training zones, calculates calorie expenditure and incorporates an exercise diary, making it an ideal introduction to improved fitness and weight management. The Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor comes in three colours: Sand Pearl, Black Coal and Denim Stone.

Polar F6 Features:

  • Own zone - Automatic calculation of training zone with visible/audible alarm
  • OwnCal - calorie expenditure with % fat burn
  • Own Code - coded transmission
  • Backlight - for ease of use in low light conditions
  • Exercise Diary
  • Soniclink transfer of data to web service
  • Zone Pointer: visual guidance to target zone
  • Fitness Points (every 10 min. in target zone)
  • Display of current heart rate, percentage of maximum heart rate and training time
  • Storage of previous workout, including date, average and maximum heart rate, time spent in target zone, training time and calories burned
  • Storage of cumulative training time and calories burned, as well as total number of workouts and average workout frequency
  • Integrated clock with date, weekday and alarm
  • UpLink function: transmittion of training settings to pulse watch
  • Audible and visible alarm on exceeding or falling below the target zone
  • Water resistant to 30 m
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Simple operation with two buttons
  • Polar OwnCode®
  • Prevents cross-talk from other heart rate monitors. A feature that reduces possible interference from other heart rate monitors.

Polar OwnCal® - Counts and displays calorie expenditure. 

The Polar OwnCal feature shows your energy expenditure during one exercise session as well as your accumulated kilocalories during several exercise sessions. In Polar M-series Heart Rate Monitors, OwnCal takes into account your gender, body weight and exercise heart rate. The calculation starts when your exercise intensity reaches 100 bpm.
The calculation starts when your exercise intensity reaches 60 % of your maximum heart rate or 90 bpm - whichever is lower. In Polar Weight Management products the calculation starts when you put your transmitter on and start exercising. You can set daily and weekly exercise goals in terms of calorie expenditure with the OwnCal feature, and then monitor the accumulated amount of calories expended during a single exercise session or a set amount of time e.g. one week.

Polar OwnZone®

Determines personal heart rate limits for an exercise session. 
The Polar OwnZone feature determines an individual light to moderate intensity exercise zone. It guides you through an appropriate warm-up routine and automatically determines a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone - your OwnZone - while taking into account your current physical condition.

Polar Heart Rate Monitors use multiple methods for determining your OwnZone. The primary method is to measure your heart rate variability during the warm-up period before exercising. Alternatively, the Polar Heart Rate Monitor will automatically calculate OwnZone limits based on your age-predicted maximum heart rate (220 minus age). When you exercise, you can also use your heart rate monitor's latest saved OwnZone limits. However, you should recalculate your OwnZone at the beginning of your workout whenever you change exercise environment and/or exercise mode or if your psychological state changes when feeling stressed or depressed, for instance.

Zone Pointer

A visible and audible feature on the display of your heart rate monitor showing your target heart rate zone and where your current heart rate is within that zone.

Target heart rate zone

A range of heart rates that a person chooses to aim for when exercising, based on their personal fitness goals. Target heart rate zones are expressed as percentages of a person’s maximum heart rate (HR max). The most common target heart rate zones are: 50-60% HR max, 60-70% HR max, 70-80% HR max and 80-90% HR max. The intensity 90-100% HR max is used only for sprint training by experienced exercisers.

Comes complete with heart rate monitor transmitter and strap.
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Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor for Men - Red Fire - 2008 Model
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