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Polar AW200 Activity Monitor Watch

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Polar AW200 Activity Monitor Watch

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Polar AW200 Activity Monitor Watch

Polar AW200 Activity watch - Its not a pedometer its not an heart rate monitor, the AW200 is whole new way of measuring your activity.

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Polar AW200 - Good exercise has never been so easy. A new innovation, the Polar AW200 is a wrist watch that measures your movement. Whether you are taking a walk in the park, walking to work or enjoying a hike at the weekend, it tells you the health beneficial value of your activity and provides the inspiration and motivation to get more out of your exercise. Its features and design make it ideal for everyday wear nad perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

Polar AW200 activity monitoring is based on accelation sensor technology. The Polar activity sensor suites best for activites that are "rhythmical" and down by foot, such as walking, hiking, jogging, running, and Nordic walking.

At the heart of the watch is a capacitive accelerometer that detects even the slightest movements of the body. Data from the sensor is parse through algorithms which distinguish the intensity of the movements and calculate total energy consumption and burn rate. The information is provided to the wearer in a meaningful and easily quantifiable form (active time, intensity of activity, calories, and active steps) which helps motivate and inspire them towards improving the quality of their activity.

There are 5 activity zones which provide a very simple visual indication of exercise workload.

Slow Walking: Long slow walks maintain overall health and promote recreation.

Walking: Regular walking in a comfortable speed improves health and fitness in less fit persons.

Brisk Walking: Brisk walking allows health benefits for all and improves fitness in most individuals.

Running: Regular running is a recommended activity for advanced fitness.

Fast Running: Running fast in short sessions improves performance and increases race speed.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the AW200 Activity Watch is stylishly designed and completely non-intrusive making it perfect for wearing 24/7. Its features and design make it an ideal choice for those who enjoy spending their time outdoors; an in-built air pressure sensor enables you to predict weather changes or track your altitude (route profile) whilst on the move. And, by using the route profile information, the AW200 knows if you are exercising harder (e.g. by walking up hill) so you can be sure you won't be cheated when it tells you how many calories you have burned.


Active Time:

  • Cumulative time of health beneficial body movement.
  • Compare the active time with the total time and find out how long you have been moving on a health beneficial intensity level.
  • Basic recommendation: aim for 30 minutes or more a day.

Activity Zones:

  • 5 activity zones (speed levels) showing the effort of your activity.
  • Motivate and inspire the user to increase "activity" effort at different levels and benefits from varying effects on health and fitness.

Basic recommendation: aim to increase the active time spent in higher zones.

Active Steps:

  • Body movement which is comparable to steps taken during active time, with right intensity to improve fitness.
  • Quantifying the level of health beneficial activity in steps allows for very simple targeting of daily activity.

Basic recommendation: aim for 7000 steps or more a day.


  • Measures energy expenditure (kcal and kcal/h).
  • Know how many calories were burned and check your real time energy expenditure rate which helps to follow your energy balance.

Basic recommendation: burn 150 kcal more than your daily norm.


  • Current altitude with graphical trend.
  • Discover the surroundings and how much elevation was gained by tracking the route profile.
  • Provides for more accurate calorie measurement (altitude changes are taken in notice).

Barometer and Temperature:

  • Current air pressure reading with graphical trendt and temperature.
  • Observe and predict upcoming weather changes - enables better preparation for outdoor activities.


  • Data recorded during action.
  • Tracking activity efforts over time and monitor progress to ensure that enough health beneficial activity is taken


  • Watch functions, data, alarm.
  • Integrates into daily life.


Watch Features:

  • Time of day: 24 h / 12 h
  • Two time zones
  • Alarm with snooze
  • Date and weekday indicator
  • Backlight
  • Key lock
  • Water resistant 50m
  • Low batter indicator
  • User replaceable battery

*Does not track heart rate

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Polar AW200 Activity Monitor Watch
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