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Mi-Sport Waterproof Sports MP3 Player Headphones Your Basket is Empty

Mi-Sport Waterproof Sports MP3 Player Headphones

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Mi-Sport Waterproof Sports MP3 Player Headphones

Mi-Sport Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones - The Ultimate Waterproof Sports MP3 Player

2GB Memory

Waterproof & Wire Free 

As featured in newspapers and magazines including: Mens Fitness and The Telegraph.

Price: £64.99   Save: £5.00 off RRP!

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Mi-Sport Waterproof MP3 Player Headphones - The Ultimate Sports MP3 Player - 2GB

Introducing the world`s first truly purpose made sports mp3 player. Waterproof and wireless, the player is ideal for a workout free of wires, giving complete freedom of movement. No more intrusive or loose earbuds. Wire tangle gone for ever!  Mi-Sport have designed, using our patented technology, an internally sweatproof and waterproof unit whilst incorporating the latest 3D music quality in a sleek and stylish pair of headphones.

The design gives a secure fit and is comfortable enough to run a marathon in, or use for hours in the gym or on the bike. The player is more than splash proof! It can be completely submerged in water with no harm which makes it great for swimming,  water skiing, kayaking etc. It is also perfect for skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding. This is the only waterproof pair of classic headphones with a built in mp3 player in the world.

The headphones play mp3, WMA and WAV formats and are compatible with Windows 98/98SE/2000/XP/VISTA.  A simple click takes you to the next music track, so easily operated without removing.  2GB of memory is built in, that`s at least 500 typical mp3s - over 14hrs worth of music.  Rechargeable, the battery life is about 8 hours.

Already, Nick Matthew - 2006 British Open Squash Champion, is using the headphones to practice and train with.  Mi-Sport are endeavouring to get many more athletes to enjoy the benefits of training to wire-free music, podcasts or coaching aids.

Inspiration and freedom at last, for athletes and exercise enthusiasts everywhere.


Q The world`s first! Really?

A  Absolutely. This is the only wireless and sweatproof/waterproof pair of headphones with a built in mp3 player. Similar products with this design are not waterproof and break down quickly when sweat enters the unit. The product is Patent Pending.

Q: So no external mp3, right?

A: That`s right. The mp3 player is built into the headphones [hence wire-free] and is waterproof.

Q: So these are fine for surfing, right? How about swimming?

A: Absolutely great for surfing, and for swimming also. For swimming we recommend using the earplugs included and to wear them under the headphones. These will block water but allow sound. Also, remove the soft black material around the headphones to maintain the sound quality.

Q: I run and circuit train. Will the music skip with my jumping around? 

A: No.The music will be completely skip-free.

Q: How do they charge? Do I have to buy accessories separately?

A: They charge via the USB cable attached to your computer or from the wall charger which is provided.

Q: What`s the deal with the usb? Doesn`t sweat get in?

A: The usb is sealed with a door which should be closed and the lock slides across. The internals are waterproof also.

Q What is the warranty period?

A Mi-Sport give a full one year manufacturer`s warranty

Q: Mi-Sport? Are you a new company?

A: Yes...and with more products coming soon! 

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