Zone3 Race Day Visor.

Zone3 Race Day Visor.

These Zone3 Race Day Visors are perfect for summer races or training when you need protection from the sun, but also need to allow the maximum amount of heat to escape from your head.The perfect way to cool yourself down during a hot race is to throw a cup of water on top of your head and let the visor absorb it so you reduce your head’s temperature until the next water station. They look very sporty and are seen as a necessity for the ‘Triathlon look’.

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Zone3 Race Day Visor.

They are made from light weight polyester mesh material with a soft breathable inner lining specifically for comfort and breathability.

Along the inside front of the cap is a premium coolmax fleece fabric for ultimate comfort and sweat absorption. If you’ve ever had sweat in your eyes during a race you’ll know how much it can sting!.

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Zone3 Race Day Visor.