Pro-Tec Travel Size Foam Roller 4" x 12" - Yellow

Pro-Tec Travel Size Foam Roller 4" x 12" - Yellow

Due to its compact 4" x 12" size, the Pro-Tec Foam Roller can be used at any time, in any place. Simply pop it in your race pack on competition weekends or your work bag for lunchtime stretching. Easily alleviate problem areas including; adductors, hamstrings, IT band, upper arm and the upper and lower back whether at home or in the gym.

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Pro-Tec Travel Size Foam Roller.

A handy, travel sized foam roller for the relief of muscle tightness, stretching and myofascial release. Designed for athletes spanning a variety of disciplines including distance sports such as running, triathlon and cycling as well as flexibility training and yoga. The Pro-Tec Athletics Foam Roller 4" x 12" is suitable for both self-applied physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation.

By using the weight of the body to perform self-massage, softening and lengthening the fascia through application of pressure, stretching muscles and tendons whilst increasing blood flow to the affected area.

Four color exercise program included.

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Pro-Tec Travel Size Foam Roller 4" x 12" - Yellow