Polar M400 GPS Black

Polar M400 GPS Black

The Polar M400 is a stylish Sports Watch with GPS designed for urban and trail runners who want sporty design with advanced GPS and training features, along with loads of options to keep an eye on their activity.

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Polar M400 GPS Black

The Polar M400 GPS Sports Training Watch can provide all standards of outdoor runners with a complete array of training support functions plus 24/7 activity tracking that records, informs and reacts to your changing fitness level with positive comments or suggestions for ways to help you further towards your own conditioning targets.

Via Bluetooth Smart, the Polar M400 works seamlessly with the Polar Flow website service and smartphone app to give you all the tools, statistics and support you need to challenge yourself with realistic new goals, to effectively review and analyse your training sessions and to become more self-aware about your lifestyle activity level.

The integral GPS function in the Polar M400 provides pace, distance and altitude feedback for storing and analysis and when linked to the optional Polar H7 heart-rate sensor it will enable you to train at the most appropriate level of intensity within your chosen heart-rate parameters.

Functions including the Activity Guide, Activity Benefit and the OwnCal smart calories can monitor your activity 24 hours a day every day, including steps taken and calories expended, and report back to you if further exercise is required with specific suggestions for how much more running or walking would enable you to reach your self-imposed target for the day.

The Polar M400 GPS HR Sports Training Watch is the ideal lifestyle partner to make reaching your fitness or performance goals as satisfying as possible by recording, analysing, informing, rewarding and sometimes nudging you towards where you want you and your body to be.

Further features of the Polar M400 GPS Sports Training Watch include limited bike and swimming sports modes, a breakthrough 30-metre water-resistance rating for a USB port watch, a high-visibility screen with backlight and firmware update compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Track pace, distance and altitude with built-in GPS

  • Follow your 24/7 activity, calories and steps

  • Plan, sync and share your training with Polar Flow web service and mobile app.

  • Set targets to beat your personal best

  • Find your way back home with Back to start function

  • Train at right intensity within your personal HR zones with optioanl H7 heart rate sensor.

In the Box

  • Polar M400 Sports Training Computer

  • USB Cable

  • Polar M400 Getting Started Guide

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    Polar M400 GPS Black