Polar Bluetooth® Smart Speed and Cadence Sensor Set

Polar Bluetooth® Smart Speed and Cadence Sensor Set

The Polar Speed sensor Bluetooth® Smart and Cadence sensor Bluetooth® Smart set will help boost your cycling performance. Find out what your most efficient pedaling rate is and measure your speed and distance accurately. The sensors included in this set work with Bluetooth® Smart technology and consume only a little energy. You can later analyse your training at the Polar Flow web service.

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Product Details

POLAR Bluetooth® Smart Speed and Cadence sensor set.

Compatible with dozens of leading fitness apps, the Polar Speed/Cadence Sensor Combo Set is the perfect companion to any ride. A small, lightweight design occupies a tiny footprint and can be securely attached to the handlebars or frame of any bicycle. Either device works with Bluetooth® Smart technology to record data accurately and with very little power consumption. Any data recorded can then be imported into a raft of third party applications and devices (see list below), alongside Polar's own V800 Heart Rate Monitor and Polar Flow web service, for further analysis.

Speed Sensor.

Data pertaining to speed, distance and time can be recorded and then extrapolated to identify progress or irregularities in training.

Cadence Sensor.

Cadence and pedalling rate data is recorded accurately and can be used alongside that received from the distance/speed sensor to identify optimum pedalling rates in terms of efficiency and energy expenditure etc.

Key Features

  • Compact Design - Occupies a small footprint and can be attached to virtually any bike frame via attachments.

  • Bluetooth® Smart Technology - Records data clearly, accurately and efficiently.

  • Compatibility - Either device is compatible with Polar's V800 Heart Rate Monitor and a broad range of third party applications and devices.

  • Speed Sensor - Records speed, distance and time data for retrospective analysis.

  • Cadence Sensor - Records pedalling rates and cadence data to work in concert with that obtained from the speed sensor.

  • Compatible with iPhone4 and later and wide range of Android devices.

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    Polar Bluetooth® Smart Speed and Cadence Sensor Set