Greeper Sports Laces

Greeper Sports Laces

GREEPER® Sports Laces are perfect for all sports shoes; running, tennis, golf etc. The laces are the standard oval type commonly supplied with most running trainers. Greepers enables the user to loosen and tighten laces with ease and they never come undone!

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Greeper Sports Laces-"Once Applied, Always Tied!"

220 Triathlon Magazine have awarded Greepers both "Best Buy" and more recently "Best on Test", stating of Greepers “still the leader of the triathlon lacing pack"!

The GREEPER® Sports laces are also ideal for school footwear - shoes and plimsoles etc.

Available in 11 great colours: Red, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, White, Grey and Black.


140cm, up to 6 pairs of eyelets.

Each pack contains a pair of laces.

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Greeper Sports Laces