Galius Pre-Competition Spray SPF30 (200ml)

Galius Pre-Competition Spray SPF30 (200ml)

The Pre-Competition Spray is designed to warm up muscles in a short space of time to help minimise the risk of muscle injury. It also has the added bonus of having SPF30 sun protection.

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Galius Pre-Competition Spray SPF30 (200ml)

Before doing any sport, it is advisable to warm up beforehand to prevent muscle injury. Sometimes we just don't have enough time or motivation to do it.

GALIUS SUN pre-competition cream with SPF30 is recommended when you need a warm-up in a short space of time for outdoor activities.

With warming effect and created especially for sports people, it is highly sweat-resistant.

Thanks to its composition, the areas treated warm up shortly after application, so increasing work capacity. It is the ideal product for warming up on days with a good temperature and, due to the SPF 30 protection, it protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's rays. The skin may occasionally redden due to the warming effect, but this will subsequently go.

It is a NON-GREASY product. Due to its composition, it offers greater resistance to sweat as it has been designed for sportspeople and easily absorbed.

METHYL NICOTINATE is the base component in this product. Due to its properties as a blood vessel dilator and rubefacient, it increases blood circulation in the area of application.

The Pre-Competition Spray offers a dual advantage and use:
  • Designed for the sport and outdoor leisure person

  • Designed to warm up muscles in a short space of time and minimise the risk of muscle injury.

  • Includes sun protection factor SPF30

  • Sweat resistant

  • Non-greasy

  • Long lasting

  • Contains high UV filters

  • Bottle has easy to use pump action applicator

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Galius Pre-Competition Spray SPF30 (200ml)