Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy

Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy

The Aqua Sphere Pull Buoy is used in training for isolating the legs whilst performing swim drills. Microcelluar foam construction and ergonomic shaping allows you to improve your technique in comfort.




Product Details

Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy.

The Classic Pull Buoy from Aqua Sphere is a swim training aid that has lots of benefits. It should be held between your thighs, high up near your groin, with the smaller side pointing towards the bottom of the pool, preventing you from kicking. If you want a more challenging workout for your upper body, then hold the pull buoy between your ankles and you will have to constrict your core torso muscles in order to keep your body straight in the water.

    Key Benefits.

  • Improves Body Position: The buoyancy of the pull buoy brings your hips higher up in the water and teaches your body to swim more horizontally and streamlined, which will increase your efficiency, speed and endurance. Maintains balance so that you can focus on your arm stroke..

  • Improves breathing technique: Helps you to develop a bilateral breathing rhythm as you swim more relaxed and easily when you are not kicking..

  • Builds upper body strength: As your legs are not being used, you isolate your upper body muscles and, over time, will increase strength in your upper body. You can use a pull buoy in conjunction with hand paddles for a more challenging work out for your arms..

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Aqua Sphere Classic Pull Buoy