Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors

What are Heart Rate Monitors?

Heart rate monitors use a belt worn around the chest, and a monitor worn around the wrist just like a wristwatch. The belt contains sensitive electric sensors, which can detect the electrical stimulus for the contraction of the heart as it beats. These tiny electrical signals are amplified and beamed to a wrist monitor using a radio signal. The wrist monitor contains a computer, which continually analyses these signals and separates them into distinct heart beats, which it then counts over time to calculate a real time beats per minute figure.

Why Do I Need Them?

Whether you're a running novice or elite runner, a heart rate monitor will help you train better. If you're a novice runner, you'll find that a heart rate monitor will ensure you're training at the appropriate pace, whatever your fitness. Because your ideal heart rate training zone remains the same when your running fitness improves, following the guidance of your heart rate monitor is a much better option than sticking to any particular running pave. And as you become fitter, you can also use a heart rate monitor to help guide you though more sophisticated running workouts, such as interval training, where accurate pulse monitoring of the work intervals and recovery periods is vital to success. Regular use of a heart rate monitor can also give you clues about your general health. For example, if you're fighting a virus but are not obviously poorly, you may well find you have a higher heart rate than normal for a giving running pace. And some heart rate monitor even have software plug-ins that can indicate when overtraining is likely to become a problem.

We stock a wide range of heart rate monitors from Polar, Timex, Garmin and Oregon Scientific.

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