Timex Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Review

Timex Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Review

The Timex Ironman Race Trainer is an mid-range heart rate monitor and fully featured Ironman sports watch. Coupled with the TrainingPeaks web site to download and view your data and get training programs, this is a system that anyone can use for race training, or simply tracking diet and exercise. You can view your heart rate with the time of day and while using the chronograph and timer. I found it easy to move between functions with the Race Trainer. It has a large number display and a night light. While we found the lower model, the Timex Road Trainer, to be good, we really liked the online functionality of the Race Trainer.


  • Heart rate monitor with chest strap

  • Has a minimum and maximum heart rate alert, five pre-set heart rate zones and a customisable zone.

  • Stopwatch, timer, clock, and alarm functions

  • Interval timer

Timex Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

Monitoring your heart rate is a great way to tell whether you are working out at the correct level. We found the chest strap used by the Timex Race Trainer to be fairly comfortable and didn't have any difficulty with it losing contact and transmitting erratic data.

To view your heart rate on a Timex Ironman race trainer watch you can choose a pre-set heart rate target zone or enter your own zone. After your workout, you can see how much time you were in your chosen zone. During your workout, you can see your heart rate displayed above the time of day, or switch modes to see it in big numbers, with the time of day above it in smaller numbers. You can choose to see your heart rate in either beats per minute or in percentage of maximum heart rate. You can choose to have the watch beep when you are above or below your chosen heart rate zone.

The watch also has a chronograph, so you can time activities and record splits or laps. It has a countdown timer. It has three alarm settings as well.

The interval timing feature and 10-workout memory make this a trainer to be reckoned with. The intervals are customisable and we found them very easy to operate. With a 10-workout memory, if you get confused and end a workout, you usually have a few spare ones to keep recording.

To get the most out of the Timex Race Trainer, buy the Kit version that includes a USB Data Xchanger to download your workout data to the TrainingPeaks web site. The online training tool allows you to view your heart rate and workout data, record your food intake, and download workouts.

The batteries in the chest sensor can be easily replaced without any tools. But you need to take the watch to a jeweller to replace the battery in the watch.

The Timex Race Trainer is much easier to use than many other brands, all in all very impressed

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Timex Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Review