Timex Heart Rate Monitors

Timex Heart Rate Monitors

I purchased my first Timex Heart Rate Monitor in 2003, a Timex Digital 30-lap Heart Rate Monitor in black. And, minus a few battery changes and some good scrubbing, I am proud to say that it is still ticking and monitoring as if I purchased it yesterday.

2 years down the road, although my Timex Heart Rate Monitor is working perfectly fine- the gadget-lover in me is begging for a new one. But now with so many brands offering 'the best' heart rate monitor the question is not so much how much but which one and for the best price.

When I first purchased my Timex Heart Rate Monitor the choice was pretty simple. There were only a few brands offering heart rate monitors, most notably Polar and Timex, and as I previously owned a Timex Ironman watch and absolutely loved it, I decided that I would go with a Timex Heart Rate Monitor.

Now, with top brands like Nike, Addidas, Reebok, Suunto, Garmin, Polar and Timex all offering seemingly very similar heart rate monitors, the decision has become more difficult.

After doing a little research and window shopping, I have once again returned to where I was five years ago, a Timex Heart Rate Monitor is the best choice.

The reason? After looking at a number of different heart rate monitors, I found Timex Heart Rate Monitors offered the most functions at the best prices. While I liked the Polar (particularly the new F11 red colour) styles more, the prices they were offering them at were significantly higher than the prices, for the same functions might I add, that Timex was offering for their heart rate monitors.

Although the Timex Heart Rate Monitors I was looking at were not as aesthetically pleasing as the Polar ones, Timex has come a long way since they were 5 years ago. They have incorporated new styles (sizing and colouring) to specifically fit a women's wrist while offering all the many functions the larger-sized watches offer.

In addition, I have found the Timex Heart Rate Monitors to be extremely reliable and very easy to use. While I love gadgets, I am also not the best at reading through the entire manual so I really appreciated that Timex made their heart rate monitors very simple to use. All the functions are exactly the same as their simple Ironman timing watches.

To conclude, for those of you who enjoy simplicity, reliability and getting the best bang for your buck go with a Timex Heart Rate Monitor. I promise you'll be very pleased with your purchase.

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