The New Timex Sports Watch

The New Timex Sports Watch

The New Timex Sports Watch & Heart Rate Monitor, "Timex Race Trainer". Includes Interval Timers, Session Storage & Data Transfer Ability The Timex sports watch is widely recognised as a simple, yet affordable timepiece that has the features need by athletes at all levels. Now Timex have gone and added a new watch to the Ironman range that both adds some great new functionality, while addressing some of the shortcomings found in older Ironman watches.

The Timex Race Trainer heart rate monitor watch supports ANT+ technology, the same technology used in Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Watches. When the race trainer watch is purchased with the new Timex Data Xchanger device, the watch's session data can be transferred wirelessly to computer for storage and analysis. But perhaps one of the most impressive things Timex have done is to allow users to upload their data into their online "Timex trainer" web portal, an online system that facilitates the storage of workout sessions, customised plans and access to a community of like-minded fitness folk and high profile athletes.

The Timex Trainer site is intuitive, customisable and provides assistance in reaching whichever goals you are aiming at, plus when you sign up you get immediate access to three custom training plans designed by Ironman David Scott, six time winner of the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon event.

If you need more, further workout plans can be accessed immediately by purchasing one of the many plans from within the web interface itself. There is a wide variety to choose from for different purposes.

The Race Trainer watch itself, like all recent Timex heart rate monitor watches features a Digital FM signal that reduces crosstalk and interference with other heart rate devices and exercise equipment. The new chest strap is by all reports much more comfortable than the strap provided in previous Timex heart watches.

Race trainer also includes the ability to store up to 10 sessions of workout history in which 50 lap times per session can be stored. Timex's Summary Mode will display your maximum and average heart rate over a session and your total calories burned. Individual heart rate zones are recorded and your time spent in each zone is also tracked.

Runners will be pleased to know that the new Timex Race Trainer supports five interval timers and can measure heart rate recovery.

In summary, the Timex Race Trainer heart rate monitor watch is a capable mid-level heart rate monitor watch that offers the distinct advantage of saving your workout history to computer which can then be transferred to the website if you wish.

While outstanding value for the price, the extra features supported in the Timex Race Trainer watch justify a greater-than-entry-level price, although cheaper than many heart rate monitors from other watch makers. Still, if you don't need the ability to transfer your workout data or interval timers or the online community, the new Timex Road Trainer watch offers similar heart rate features, but at a reduced price.

For maximum sports watch performance, the Timex Bodylink watches might be worth a look. The Bodylink range require the use of the use of the Timex Data Recorder to transfer data which must be worn externally on the body, however the Bodylink line provides many more features, much greater memory storage and speed and distance measurement via the Navman GPS device.

You can still transfer data to the online community with a Bodylink Timex sports watch, but it must be done using the Timex Data Recorder which is an additional device to be worn and is non-wireless. It must be plugged directly into a USB port.

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