Resistance Bands or Tubes and Why They Are So Effective

Resistance Bands or Tubes and Why They Are So Effective

As a complete workout on their own or a supplement to free weights and machines, resistance bands or tubes are the ultimate tool for customising workouts and isolating muscles and the bands and tubing also make the perfect travel workout. For one, they are easier on the joints. Many are so effective and safe that physiotherapists often use them with their patients.

It is so simple to carry around these bands in your car or bag. A little resistance band exercise can be carried out in the car (perhaps, while your are waiting for the kids). It is so simple with the tub having handles to perform quick arm or leg exercises. Done on a daily basis for as little as fifteen minutes, one can see serious improvements in strength, flexibility, and range of movement.

Perhaps one of the most fantastic benefits of these tube or band exercises is its simplicity. As it does not require very strenuous activity, everybody can gain the phenomenal benefits of a bit of resistance training. Those suffering from movement-impairing diseases (such as Multiple Sclerosis), can increase circulation and movement through tube or band exercises. For people suffering with nerve conditions and other disorders, any kind of movement can be painful, let alone exercise. Resistance tube training empowers the user to be in total control of the level of difficulty. There is no need to stand or be uncomfortable when using a a resistance tube, so you can exercise without risk of falling or becoming exhausted.

A thicker tube means more resistance. More resistance means harder work but bigger muscles. Shortening the length of the band you are using also provides more efficient strength training.

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Resistance Bands or Tubes and Why They Are So Effective