Polar Heart Rate Monitor - A Healthier Heart

Polar Heart Rate Monitor - A Healthier Heart

Take a step towards a healthier lifestyle by investing in a heart rate monitor.

There's no escaping the fact that a healthier heart means a healthier you. Taking all the steps towards getting your body into a good state of fitness can be hard, but with the right equipment, the right attitude and the right help and advice, you'll make great progress. If it's your heart you're interested in, invest in a heart rate monitor. This will provide you with all the information you need to ensure that you're going in the right direction.

Why a Polar Heart Rate Monitor Can Help

It's difficult to read a newspaper, listen to the radio or watch TV without being reminded how important it is to look after your health - and look after your heart. Heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK and many people are unaware that they are at risk. Anything you can do to make your heart and your body healthier is a step down the path to a better life, and a heart rate monitor gives you a clear idea of your success. Use your heart rate monitor in conjunction with whatever exercise you are doing. A combination of healthier eating and moderate exercise can make all the difference, but make sure you do the following:

  • See your GP - before you start changing your eating habits substantially or taking up additional exercise, go and see your GP. This is just to ensure that you are medically OK to change your habits. You might need to start slowly in order to give your body time to get used to a new routine and your GP should be able to give you advice on what level of exercise to start with an how to change your diet safely. A heart rate monitor will help you to make sure you're keeping within the limits set for you.

  • Buy a good heart rate monitor - investing in a good quality heart rate monitor will not only give you a piece of equipment that will work properly and withstand the exercise that you do; it will also last longer, so that when you are feeling fitter and ready to step up your exercise and training, your heart rate monitor can still keep up with you.

  • Eat well and exercise - in order for your heart to be as healthy as possible, you have to put the right things into your body as well as giving it the exercise it needs. Don't revert to bad habits once you've lost a bit of weight, or have achieved your initial target. Instead, get into the habit of eating well, exercising properly and using a heart rate monitor to check your progress.

Buy Your Polar Heart Rate Monitor from Fitsense Sports

Fitsense Sports

At Fitsense Sports, we stock a range of equipment to help you improve your training results, as well as plenty of information on the best way to organise your programme. We sell great quality, affordable heart rate monitors from leading manufacturers, and we can tell you everything you need to know in order to decide which monitor to buy. Take the time to browse our site and buy securely online, or call us on 01949 898 205 to speak to our customer service team.

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Polar Heart Rate Monitor - A Healthier Heart