The Polar CS600X Cycle Computer

The Polar CS600X Cycle Computer

The Polar range contains a heart rate monitor (HRM) for all types of cyclists, no matter how serious they are. After a reported four years in development, Polar have launched the CS600X, and packing nearly everything you could want from a HRM, is clearly aimed at the serious professional cyclist.

Like most HRM's available, this one tracks your speed, distance, altitude, inclination, cadence and heart rate, but it adds a new trick in its carbon wrapped unit. An efficiency feature is designed to improve your cycling economy by interpreting your efficiency ratio to help improve performances during long exhausting races.

The large display is clear and easy to view, with graphical representations of riders' absolute, average and relative heart rate, as well as your relaxation rate which indicates the state of physical recovery. The optional W.I.N.D power sensor measures both heart rate and power output. A sensor on the rear pulley measures the speed of the chain with a magnet, while the chain stay sensor calculates the tension of the chain by measuring the vibration as the chain passes over the sensor.

The supplied ProTrainer software allows you to setup training programmes which can then be downloaded to the CS600X. The software also means you can examine every part of a ride/training session and keep them all stored for future use.

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