Heart Rate Monitors Used By Olympic Athletes

Heart Rate Monitors Used By Olympic Athletes

Top athletes use heart rate monitors to make sure they're training effectively.

When you're competing at any physical activity it's vital that you keep yourself in great condition, eat the right foods and train effectively. It's the same for everyone, and even Olympic athletes have found that using heart rate monitors helps to focus training and gets great results.

Heart Rate Monitors at the Winter Olympics

Right now, everyone's keeping an eye on what's happening in Canada at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Competitors have been training for years, competing in international events and preparing for the biggest showcase for winter sports. Heart rate monitors are great for all sorts of training, but are particularly useful for endurance sports, so athletes competing in events such as cross country skiing and long-track speed skating will use them to ensure that their bodies are working at the best possible rate. What's more, with many events taking place at altitude, athletes' bodies need to be conditioned to working with a lower percentage of oxygen in the air, and heart rate monitors can help them to understand how hard they can push their bodies at various altitudes during the games. They can also help to monitor recovery times, which are important for events where several rounds are held one after the other, such as snowboard cross.

Heart Rate Monitors for your Training

Whether you aspire to be an Olympic athlete for the summer or winter games, or you're just looking for a way to improve your training performance, heart rate monitors are now a key part of the training kit for all serious athletes. Used properly, they can help you to work at your most productive, monitor your recovery and provide valuable data that will help you to plan your training programme for the future. With several different models on the market, you can find good quality heart rate monitors that suit your training needs and your budget.

Heart Rate Monitors from Fitsense

At Fitsense, we supply training equipment for a range of sports, from running to cycling and full triathlon. Our heart rate monitors are all made by leading manufacturers and they're available at great online prices. We understand how serious training works and we can help you to find the best training devices to help you maximise your potential.

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Heart Rate Monitors Used By Olympic Athletes