Heart Rate Monitors - Saving Lives

Heart rate monitors - saving lives

Heart rate monitors are great for exercise, training and professional sports, but did you know that they can also help to boost transplant success in the UK? Heart rate monitors have become very popular with modern athletes, Olympians and sporting professionals. They are ideal for training, weight loss, or for long distance running. But it appears that they now have more than just one purpose.

A Cambridgeshire company has taken the technology from an exercise heart rate monitor that sportsmen use on a regular basis to monitor those screen those who are potential heart transplant donors. Sadly, the UK experiences heart transplant failures for a variety of different reasons, with it being more common in children - and last year, only 135 of 500 hearts recommended for transplants were still usable by the time they reached the operating table.

Heart Rate Monitors - More than Just Sport

A fitness heart rate monitor, worn around the neck or wrist, ensures that the athlete does not train too hard, but it also ensures that the user pushes their limits when needed. The HRM will help you work out a suitable limit and keeps you within your training zones. These training zones are developed for different purposes - so stamina, endurance or speed can be fostered to full potential.

Heart rate monitors do this by reading your heart-rate, and the receiver displays the data on a screen. Advanced models use GPS technology to measure speed and distance, which gives a more accurate collection of information about your performance. Now this concept is being used to save lives in hospitals across the UK.

Boost Transplant Success

A trial was organised to put the heart rate monitor technology to the test, and Cambridgeshire company, LiDCO, believe that the country's transplant donor success rate could improve by 75%.

Scientists at LiDCO have designed the new haemodynamic heart rate monitor that they believe to improve organ yield dramatically. Their heart rate monitors use a catheter inserted into the wrist - this checks arterial pressure and tracks blood flow into the heart.

Different Heart Rate Monitors for Different People

Heart rates monitors are available from various trusted brands, and cater for people with different sports needs. Whether you are a professional athlete or you just want to find the best weight loss running programme, there is a HRM out there for you. Prices can vary from anything as low as 30 to over 100.

Fitsense Sports

At Fitsense Sports, we stock a range of equipment to help you improve your training results, as well as plenty of information on the best way to organise your programme. We sell great quality, affordable heart rate monitors from leading manufacturers, and we can tell you everything you need to know in order to decide which monitor to buy. Take the time to browse our site and buy securely online, or call us on 01949 898 205 to speak to our customer service team.

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