Heart Rate Monitors - Frequently Asked Questions

Heart Rate Monitors - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some basic quick tips to solve common heart rate monitor problems, however always check the user manual for specific instructions on your make and model.

No signal from Chest Belt to Watch:

  1. Wet the underneath of the chest strap with a few drops of water to ensure solid contact.

  2. The belt should fit snugly to your body with the transmitter in a central position under your pectoral muscles.

  3. Avoid placing the transmitter in areas of dense chest hair.

  4. In cold or dry weather it may take a few minutes for the transmitter to maintain a steady signal, this is normal and effects all heart rate monitors' signals.

  5. If you are in an area with a lot of overhead lighting, computers, etc.; there can be too much 'environmental' noise (too many electrical signals) for the heart rate monitor watch to receive a clear signal. This has become much less of a problem now due to new technology, however, should you get this problem, try to move to a less dense electrical area. For example, use a bike at the end of a row in the gym, rather than in the centre.

  6. Shorten the distance between the transmitter and the heart rate monitor watch. If you have attached your watch to a piece of equipment rather than to your wrist, you may be too far away for a good signal.

  7. Check the battery in both the transmitter belt and the heart rate monitor watch.

  8. Some heart rate monitors have a signal search function if you are having trouble obtaining a signal. It is also a good idea to do a signal search if you haven't used your heart rate monitor for a while.

Getting someone else's signal:

  1. Reset the transmitter (usually there is a button on the transmitter belt to do this).

  2. Force a signal search.

  3. Take the chest belt off. If the heart rate monitor watch has different users, this should automatically change the user ID when you put it back on and a new signal is received.

Gym equipment not working with transmitter belt:

Most of the newer transmitter belts default to digital transmission, and most gym equipment is analogue compatible, so you may need to change the transmission from your belt or buy an analogue belt. Check your user manual for details.

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Heart Rate Monitors - Frequently Asked Questions