Heart Rate Monitors for Serious Training

Polar | Garmin | Timex Heart Rate Monitors for Serious Training

If you take your training seriously, Polar heart rate monitors can help you track your progress.

The rate at which your heart beats is a very good indication of how hard you are working during any given exercise period. That's why people who are training for amateur or professional events or just to maintain a very high level of continual fitness choose to use Polar heart rate monitors. Once you've got into the habit of using one of these Polar heart rate monitors, they can help you to formulate and undertake a really beneficial training plan.

What Can Polar | Garmin | Timex Heart Rate Monitors do for Me?

If, up until now, you've been measuring your exercise success by how many kilometres you've run in an hour, or how fast you've managed the cycle ride to work, you're still working at a fairly basic level. Times can change based on weather conditions, your own health, traffic problems and many other variables. The only real indication of how hard your body has been working during the exercise is given by heart rate monitors. Experts suggest that you buy a good quality heart rate monitor by a leading manufacturer such as Polar, Cardiosport or Garmin, and then make sure you make the best possible use of it:

  • Maximum Heart Rate - this is the top rate at which your heart beats per minute when you're exercising hard. There's no rule for this rate - it will vary for you depending on what type of exercise you're doing. If you run and play tennis; cycle and play squash, you will have a different MHR for each of those activities. Only measure your success in each form of exercise by the MHR you've calculated for that activity, and don't compare your MHR to that of your training partner - this is about what makes your body work harder.

  • Resting Heart Rate - it's great to find out what your heart is capable of doing when you push yourself, but you also need to know what your RHR is. Heart rate monitors work best when you use them to plan your training, and so knowing the difference between your RHR and your MHR will help you to see what level you're working at between those two and to measure your progress in terms of how fast your heart rate rises as your body gets more used to the training you're doing.

  • Record - if you're in serious training, you need to know what progress you're making on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The data from heart rate monitors can help to provide an accurate picture of how well you're doing. This information isn't all you'll need to record - distance, terrain and altitude are all important factors in your training, but using the information that heart rate monitors give you will help you to structure your future training.

Polar | Garmin | Timex Heart Rate Monitors from Fitsense

We believe in helping people to achieve their training goals, and that's why we stock a great range of heart rate monitors from leading manufacturers including Polar. In addition to heart rate monitors, we also sell a wide range of other sport and exercise accessories, all available to buy online through our secure payment system. Take a look at our site and buy online today.

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Heart Rate Monitors for Serious Training