Heart Rate Monitor - Training For The London Marathon

Heart Rate Monitor - Training For The London Marathon

If you're running in this year's London Marathon, add a heart rate monitor to your training regime.

Whether you're a serious runner or you've entered your first ever marathon, you need to make sure that your training is as efficient as possible. Most marathon runners aren't full-time athletes, so you have to fit your training around work and family life. It's even more important, then, that you make every minute count - and a heart rate monitor can help.

Get Started with a Heart Rate Monitor

The 2010 London Marathon is on April 25th, which leaves you just over two months to get in shape. Although you will have had to register some time ago to take part, now's the time when your training really matters. Working on your endurance and stamina is vital if you want to make it to the finish line and a heart rate monitor can be invaluable in helping you to set and meet your training targets. Used in conjunction with other training aids and, of course, a good training programme, it can help you to see how hard your body is working, giving you an indication of when to pick up the pace and when you can relax. If you've got to a point in your training programme where you're starting to lose focus, or you're not sure you're going to have what it takes, buying a heart rate monitor might just give you the boost you need.

Heart Rate Monitor - Part of a Package

Although a heart rate monitor can be a great aid to training, it works best when it's used as part of your training programme. You still need to make sure that you're running the right distances, training on suitable terrain and eating properly in order to give yourself the strength and energy you need. Following a sensible training programme will help you to be as prepared as possible for one of the world's greatest running events. Make sure you train regularly, but don't overtrain, otherwise you'll end up exhausted and unable to compete. A sensible approach to your marathon training, including diet, a heart rate monitor, good running shoes and even a coach or running partner, will help you to succeed.

Buy your Heart Rate Monitor Today

You can choose from a range of heart rate monitors when you shop at Fitsense. We stock a wide range of running equipment and training aids to help you get the very most from your running programme. Check out our products and resources and buy online today or call us to find out more.

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Heart Rate Monitor - Training For The London Marathon