Finding Your Target Heart Rate

Finding Your Target Heart Rate

The key to best using the heart rate information is to first understand what your training goals are. Is it to just get fit? Do you plan to loose weight? Or are you an elite athlete requiring the absolute best your heart can give you? Knowing that, you can then work toward a preferred intensity level of your training.

Zone Ideal For Benefit Desired Intensity Level
(% Maximum Heart Rate)
1 Light Exercise Maintain Healthy Heart or Get Fit 50% - 60%
2 Weight Management Lose Weight or Burn Fat 60% - 70%
3 Aerobic Base Building Increase Stamina or Aerobic Endurance 70% - 80%
4 Optimal Conditioning Maintain Excellent Fitness Condition 80% - 90%
5 Elite Athlete Maintain Superb Athletic Condition 90% - 100%

Finding Your Target Heart Rate is essential for monitoring your cardiovascular fitness and progress. Just use the calculators below to find estimations.

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Heart Rate
Heart Rate per minute
(75% - 85% of Max)
Heart Rate
15 sec count
Age in years
Maximum heart rate (MHR)
Level 1 Recovery/Low Intensity Fat Burning
Level 2 (Low level 2) Aerobic/Fat Burning
Level 3 High Intensity Aerobic
Level 4 Anaerobic / Interval training
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