FX-SPORT VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones

FX-SPORT VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones

The FX-SPORT VR1 Wireless Sports Headphones include a wireless sports Mp3 player which has Text to Speech functionality and an integrated programmable personal trainer. This enables you to receive messages in your own words at designated times, to give personalised motivation and structure to your training session.

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FX-Sport VR1 Wireless Sports Headphones

A first for the sports world, the VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones are a water resistant, wire free, lightweight and super comfortable new training aid. They provide the user with both high quality music and the luxury of having their own personal trainer to customize any workout for any activity, including swimming.

A selection of voices are available for the messages. Male or female in a variety of languages and accents.

Fantastic quality music is produced by the integrated 8GB mp3 player which uses text to speech software to read and voice album names or playlists to the user, using the buttons on the right headphone. This way there is no need for a screen which can be impractical whilst training and no need to carry a secondary unit. The mp3 player uses mp3, wma and aac [m4a] formats. Bass and treble settings can also be customized via the software. Music transfer can be "Drag and Drop" or via the FX-Sport software to then also use the extra functionality.

All unique functionality still applies for swimming using the FX-Sport silicone skin accessory and swim cap [bought separately] to make the VR1 fully waterproof. This methodology allows great quality music [and training messages] to be heard consistently even with vigorous swimming and over time. Designed by UK engineers with input from professional athletes. Patent Pending.

Programmable Personal Trainer

The Programmable Personal Trainer has almost limitless applications and is not only hugely motivating, but acts as a fantastic training aid. Simply attach the headphones to your computer and using the PC software, type in up to 64 of your own messages and the exact time from the start of the workout you wish to hear each message. These will be downloaded to the headphones ready until you begin. The workout begins with a single press of a button. Your whole gym routine, running, cycling, or any training session can all be structured and voiced to you, in your words (or your coach`s words) in between your favourite music. Also all your training sessions can be named and saved on the PC software for speedy uploading.

A workout was never so much fun!

Race A Virtual Athlete

The “Race a Virtual Athlete” functionality is great fun, but can also be a serious training aid. The parameters of the race are set using the easy to use PC software

Pace Mode: A goal finish time for the virtual athlete is selected and the athlete progresses at a steady speed.

Race Mode: The virtual Athlete`s finish time is selected secretly by the software from between two finish time parameters selected by you. The speed is variable also so watch out, it may have a sprint finish! A name can be designated to the athlete to further personalise the race.

Because the VR1 headphones do not rely on GPS they can be used indoors as well as outdoors, making them perfect for indoor cycling turbo trainers, rowing machines, gym bikes, running machines, cross trainers and track running. The VR1 is especially unique for swimmers.

The VR1 Race is based on the idea that in many situations GPS is not needed to measure distance and speed. Running machines have these parameters displayed, as do gym bikes. Cyclists usually have cycle computers of some sort already to measure distance and speed. The VR1 therefore voices the progress of the virtual athlete and the user simply compares this to their own progress on their own measuring device. For swimming, a swimmer knows themselves how many lengths they have completed and can therefore compare their progress against the virtual athlete`s progress. If you have completed 17 lengths and the virtual athlete has completed 16.5 lengths, you are ahead!

Many of us can squeeze that little extra out of ourselves once the competitive element kicks in. The VR1 creates this in training. Rather than just analyse performance post workout, the VR1 tries to get a better performance out of us during the workout.

Coaches and Personal Trainers

A great advantage of the VR1 is that coaches and personal trainers could construct a personalised workout for an individual, save it and simply email it to that individual to download. The experience is then as if the coach is actually still there with you, on the headphones, motivating you through your training. Perfect for those occasions when you have to train on your own.

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FX-SPORT VR1 Programmable Personal Trainer Headphones