Aquaman Wetsuits

Aquaman Triathlon Wetsuits are used by triathletes around the world. Aquaman began manufacturing triathlon wetsuits in 1984 and has been the leader in innovation ever since.

AQUAMAN is Part of Triathlon History

In 1983, triathlon started on the world scene and with the lack of wetsuits in the sport the idea started popping into Xavier Merian’s head. Soon he started working on this new project and in 1984 the first Triathlon wetsuit was made in the Aquaman factory in France. That year AQUAMAN started the foundation of the technique to make wetsuits that are used around the world today.

AQUAMAN created the first wetsuits for triathlon in 1984. At this time triathlon was in its infancy and the need for wetsuits specially made for triathlon was finally there. AQUAMAN put together the first wetsuit which could provide warmth, freedom of movement, low water friction, and easy to take off. This was in 1986 when triathlon began to take off all over the world, the other companies started to make wetsuits for triathlon too but by that time AQUAMAN was technologically superior, and still is to this day.

20 years later, AQUAMAN is still making the best Triathlon wetsuit in the world!

If you swim in an AQUAMAN wetsuit you’ll be sure to have a technological advantage over your competition and you’ll have the greatest chance to better your time. AQUAMAN are a company dedicated to finding technological advancements that truly make a suit quicker and more comfortable – the two go hand in hand.

Care Instructions


Not for use in chlorinate water.

When you put on your wetsuit be careful not to dig your fingers and nails into the neoprene. Always use your hands as flat as possible when you pull the suit up. Please note all our wetsuits are sent out in perfect condition and we will not accept any returns with fingernail tears in them

To make the wetsuit fit perfectly, do not be afraid to pull up the sleeves and legs as much as possible. You want to have the feeling that the wetsuit is too short on you, this way the minimum of water is going to seep into your suit because the neoprene is nicely tight around your wrists and ankles.

Do not use petroleum lubricant on contact with your wetsuit.

It is recommended to rinse your suit after each use with clear cold water, especially if the water you swim in was oily or with chlorine.

To dry, do not put the wetsuit in direct sunlight but in the shade or inside, not close to a heat source.

Always keep your wetsuit on a plastic hanger with very wide shoulders, especially during winter time. Store the wetsuit at room temperature and not in a freezing atmosphere.

If you follow this very easy and common sense advice, you will protect your Aquaman Wetsuit and will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

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