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Amios MpFree Mp3 Player – Cool or Uncool?

01.28.09 | No Comments

Amios MpFree Mp3 Player,

We sell a number of different types of Mp3 Players.¬† We have sold ipod’s in the past but now tend to favour slightly unusual designs that are aimed at the sports and fitness market.¬† At present we have the NU Dolphin in ear Waterproof Mp3 Player, clearly aimed at swimmers but can be used for other sports as well,¬† the Mi-Sport on ear Waterproof Mp3 Headphones, again waterproof and can be used for swimming or any other sport.¬† Both very popular models.

In both cases, the above Mp3 players provide reasonable sound quality based on the fact that they are waterproof.¬† The Amios MpFree is the latest product we have evaluated and is brand new to the market.¬† it is not waterproof but is suitable for most active sports, running, skating, cycling, rowing, gym work etc.¬† As it is not waterproof, the sound quality is much better.¬† I went for a run today on a treadmill for 4 miles then did a session in the gym.¬† The sound quality was excellent and they were very comfortable.¬† I think having the ear pads a little smaller than most on ear headphones reduces any movement to virtually nothing.¬† They were very comfortable and didn’t cause any problems with the top of the ear which can sometimes happen with headphones that loop over the ears and around the back of the head.

i like the fact that they fold for storage.  This makes them far easier to store in your gym bag.  On the downside, you do get wet ear pads so you need to leave them out to dry.

it has a screen that flashes using different colours and displays the track and various other info.¬† not much use when you’ve got them on buta nice gimmick i guess and useful for setting them up.

The controls are easy to use, in particular there is a little switch on the underside that you can flick with your thumb ot move to the next track which a nice touch.

All in all very impressed at this stage.  i will be taking them out for a longer run over the next few days, hopefully there will be a bit of wind, which is always a good test for on ear headphones.

As with all on ear wireless headphones, you do get some funny looks in the gym, you have to laugh at yourslef in the mirror as well….

If they continue to impress we will be stocking them very soon….

Take a look at the product page – Click Here

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